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We deliver innovative solutions by bringing people and technology together so you always receive the quality you need

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Scalable Over-The-Road Capacity

Top-Notch Service 

Leave your fleet operations to us 

Our company owned tractor fleet and third-party carrier network will give you access to reliable and stress-free resources.    

Seamless shipping collaboration and flexibility, and technical expertise to improve efficiency and reduce fragmentation in the industry. 

Our dedicated fleets let you focus your time, energy, and resources on your business, not on transportation.

Fast, Flexible Service

Building Efficient Supply Chains 

Consolidate Cost Savings 

Sometimes deliveries are critical – and even regular timelines aren’t fast enough. We offer multi-modal expedited service options to make sure your critical shipments arrive ASAP.

A comprehensive approach to freight management that applies data-driven insights - allowing you to focus on your core business. 

FNS Fulfillment Services combines our areas of expertise to create a custom solution that saves you money, improves efficiency, and reduces touches to your products.  

What sets us apart?

Home: What set us apart?

Transportation Expertise

We safely deliver efficient, mode-agnostic freight transportation solutions that create value for our customers by combining people, process and innovation. We use advanced technology and analyze data to improve efficiency. 



We help customers transform the way their freight moves by developing leading-edge technology that enables efficiency and best-in-class service.

Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to doing what’s in the best interest for our people, communities, and the environment through safe, sustainable, inclusive business operations.

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Fuel your career – find driving jobs with
our FNS Carrier Division


What we offer?

Our Rates


Long haul trucking is a form of trucking where drivers are expected to spend the night away from home, as the journey is too long to be made in the day. Drivers spend the night in their cab, or in a hotel. Frequently crossing states, a long haul trucker may drive from one end of the country to another – a national remit is not uncommon. 


True teams allows drivers to share their workload with their partners. This can also help deliver long hauls on time and efficiently. 


HAZMAT truckers are typically experienced drivers who have proper training in handling and delivering radioactive loads. These truckers must not only transport the material, but they also need to carefully monitor their routes and practice proper safety at all times.


If you’re looking for the best freight brokers in the business, you’ve come to the right place. We offer all of brokerage service and many more. Get a free quote with us today, or call to set up a demo. 



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